Engagement Ring Care

Posted on Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 at 12:06 pm by Tom

There are rules for wearing an engagement ring???

I've heard this question multiple times throughout my years in jewelry. Of course, there are not "rules" for wearing an engagement ring. However, to maximize the lifespan of your ring, while minimizing maintenance, I recommend following these guidelines:

ALWAYS get your ring cleaned and inspected by a jewelry professional semi-annually. First and foremost, your ring should SPARKLE. A five minute visit to your local jewelry professional will have your ring shining and will keep you aware of potential wear issues with your ring.

NEVER wear your ring while sleeping. You are likely to catch a prong on your blankets, sheets, or pillowcases while you sleep. You won't feel it and it will increase your chances of losing a diamond. Also, with the expansion and contraction of your fingers throughout the night, you risk getting your ring stuck on your finger.

NEVER wear your ring to the gym or during other workouts. Even if you are lifting light weights, the barbells, dumbbells and equipment handles put unnecessary stress and strain on your ring. Precious metals are soft and pliable. The metals used in gym equipment are not.

NEVER wear your ring in the ocean (or other open bodies of water). Your fingers shrink in cold water and water lubricates your finger. This makes it easy for your ring to slip off to never be seen again. Also, fish like sparkly things and will be happy to nibble away at your finger. You should also be mindful of the chemicals in pools and hot tubs. They will have a negative impact on the precious metal of your ring.

NEVER wear your ring while cleaning. Precious metals do not interact well with cleaning agents we use around our houses. You will cause your white gold to yellow faster. Your likelihood of damaging prongs while cleaning is also quite high.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Enjoy and cherish your ring as a reminder of that very special moment in your life. While these guidelines may seem to reduce the amount of time you'll enjoy wearing your ring, they will greatly increase the lifespan of your ring while reducing the time it spends with your favorite jeweler.

HAVE A SAFE PLACE: Many customers have told me they are afraid to take their ring off because they fear losing it. It is important to have a ring box, ring holder, or other container in which to store your beautiful jewelry. You can keep one by your bedside and one in a kitchen drawer. Your ring will be safe and you will always know where you put it down.