The Flanders Cut Diamond

The Flanders Brilliant I a full square brilliant cut created by a brilliant gemologist in 1983.  It  was polished the 1st time at the end of 1987 in a small diamond polishing factory near Antwerp.  It was polished to perfection.  This gorgeous diamond cut is named for Flanders, the northern federal region of Belgium where it was first polished.
The Flanders Cut is the result of high-level creativity and polishing expertise of Antwerp craftsmen.  It has 61 impressive facets, and takes an average of 1/3 more time to cut the Flanders compared to the Round Brilliant Cut.

All of the facets have to be positioned perfectly in order to catch and play with the light to make this diamond shine.  The upper facets on the crown enhance the fire, while the deep sides, also known as the pavilion, improve reflection, which produces an amazing diamond filled with fire and sparkle.